Which customers are we targeting?

We produce artisanal pastry products for the large-scale retail trade and for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector throughout the national territory.


The desserts we produce

Raw materials change, but craftsmanship, creativity and professionalism are ingredients that we put into all our desserts


A wide assortment of cakes, in different tastes, ideal for parties or in single-portion format for short interludes of goodies


Exquisite desserts of dry pastries, simple and light, or even stuffed with jam or chocolate


A wide range of proposals for breakfast, able to satisfy all needs and give a sweet start to the day


Tasty fresh filled pastries: the perfect conclusion of every buffet, reception or catering service

The Monteleone specialties

The pride of our production are the desserts based on ricotta, such as pastiera, sfogliatelle, cannoli.

Sicilian cannoli

A typical dessert of Sicilian pastry, the cannolo is based on a creamy ricotta filling, wrapped in a crispy fried pastry wafer.

Originally linked to the carnival, it has become one of the most popular and widespread sweets over the years.

Our recipe, respectful of tradition, gives the Monteleone cannoli a rich flavor, and is a real joy for all those who want to "pamper", allowing themselves a parenthesis of taste.

Neapolitan Pastiera

The sweet-symbol of Easter, which can not miss on the tables of the Neapolitans, but not only.

The traditional recipe knows different variations, but some elements are common: a base of shortcrust pastry, filled with ricotta and cream of wheat, flavored with orange blossom water, embellished with candied fruit.

The pastiera is a dessert that requires careful preparation, to better balance the ingredients and give the palate an unmistakable flavor and an intense aroma.


Three centuries ago, the sfogliatella, emblem of Neapolitan pastry, was born, it would appear in a casual way.

There are two main variations: the puff pastry and curly, the last flagship of our production.

From a base of puff pastry, with a skilful mix of ricotta, candied fruit, eggs and, of course, sugar, the "riccia" originates, an essential concentrate of calories for those who want to inebriate the most authentic flavors of Campania.


The Neapolitan dessert par excellence: soft and lighter than many others, the baba, soaked in rum, releases a typical scent.

It is a yeast dough baked cake with brewer's yeast, which we always prepare with meticulous care, to give it the right combination of freshness, sponginess and taste that make it, a little 'everywhere, one of the most popular products in our catalog .


We love dessert. Every our product is handmade in a traditional way and with real passion.


All our products are made with the guarantee of best quality ingredients.


We are very precise and we respect the delivery time of fresh products to all our customers


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