Who we are

We produce high-quality pastry products


In the 2000s a young Francesco Monteleone, based on an already solid experience accumulated in the bakery sector, founded the Dolciaria Monteleone.

Over the years a constant work and attention to detail allow the company to achieve significant goals.

The mix of passion and expertise put in place by Francesco and his staff pave the way for rapid growth, making the company a virtuous example of entrepreneurial success and placing it to the attention of customers and partners as a reference point.

At the end of 2005, the transition to the current factory, highly specialized in the production of apolline, is the real flagship of the brand, which is valid for the Dolciaria Monteleone International visibility and expansion on foreign markets (Canada, United Kingdom and Spain).

Subsequently the company is enriched by the contribution of Tiziana Monteleone, Francesco’s sister and his right arm.

Tiziana maps the laboratory and ferries it to a dimension closer to current standards.

In 2014, another factory in Romania was inaugurated, which opens a new production challenge phase, through the increase of the factories and the introduction of more advanced technologies to make even higher quality desserts.

In 2017, La Monteleone is registered by Plimmsoll and climbs the ranking of the best companies in the production of sweets in Italy


We constantly devote ourselves to the search for quality raw materials and carefully select the ingredients to create desserts, to obtain the best compromise between taste and freshness of our products.

The work of a team of professionals, passionately dedicated to each stage of the manufacturing process, allows us to have a catalog full of products, both sweet and savory, able to meet the needs of every moment of the day, from breakfast to after dinner, passing for aperitifs and snacks.

The objective we pursue on a daily basis is the continuous improvement of our standards, a value that management has been able to instill to the entire team of collaborators, who today works in unison in order to produce the best sweets for the large-scale retail trade and the Ho sector. .Re.Ca.


The company is founded by Francesco Monteleone


Transfer to the current factory and start of international expansion


Opening of production sites abroad and introduction of new processing technologies

Discover our achievements made with love and passion!